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New Short Story out in Bourbon Penn 20: The Replacement

My latest story, "The Replacement," is out now over at Bourbon Penn, issue 20.

It's the story of a boy, a hat, and a sweater, but told in a most interesting way! I swear.

Some stories are built, from the ground up, like a machine or equation, each detail weighed and manicured until the story is (hopefully) balanced to perfection (ha!). Others are sculpted, coaxed into form by sheering off all the dead weight until the story reveals itself. And finally, sometimes, every now and again, some stories spring out, full formed like Athena -- poof! Magic! Here I am! And of course, with these stories, the magic can't be repeated. This is such a story.

It came to me in the shower, fully formed, after reading a PKD short story (the name of which is obvious once you've read short and are away of his, but which I won't discuss here, cause I don't want to spoil it, unless you don't care about spoilers, in which case follow this link).

Erik over at Bourbon snatched it up and boom here you go. I'm glad this found a home and pumped at how good the mag looks/feels. You can read the story here for free or check out the buying options on the page.

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